Beaming Smiles Around the World for the Future

In the long history of mankind, the world has developed through
mass production, mass consumption, and mass destruction for a few centuries
in the capitalist societies after the industrial revolution.
Although there are always contradictions in everything and it is not easy to judge right or wrong from one point of view, as we begin to realize the cost of our continued damage to the earth,
what are we going to leave to the next generation?
In all our activities, we will continue to pursue
what we can do for the future, and what we should do for the future.
It's not about changing the world in a big way, it's about creating little happiness across the world. It’s about making one and only someone feel happier.
We would like to pass on the resonance of these thoughts to the future, and
we believe that our future will be brimming over with happiness.




Limone Limone

Limone Limone is a specialty store for Limoncello, a traditional liquor from southern Italy made
from lemon peels, as well as other Italian lemon products.

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